Bikes and recumbents, Cyclefest 2002

Everybody knows about Racing Bikes and Mountain Bikes but what about Recumbent Bikes and Trikes?

The recumbent riding position greatly lowers wind resistance and so recumbents are very fast.

In August every 2 years there is an event in Lancaster, England called Cyclefest. This is great place to see lots of recumbents

and other types of unusual bikes- Both commercially available and home built. People let you have a go too - great fun.

Here are a few photographs taken by Nick and Liz at Cyclefest 2002. Click on an image to load a larger version.

Salt Ayre in Lancaster
John Baron (right)
No 50
Red and mean
No 23
No 36
Hand Powered
A race starts
Graham Bentley

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All the photographs on this page are the copyright of Nick and Liz. If you see yourself and fancy a copy we will be happy to email a high resolution image to you (free !!).

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