I live with Liz in Rochdale, Lancashire and work for 3Sixtymedia at Granada TV in Manchester. Liz also works at Granada and like me she is a radio ham, is interested in weird bikes and soft about cats - we are very compatible really.

Can anybody really be interested in hydropower stations? How terrible to have to drag one's aching bones through some of the most beautiful mountains in Wales, or Scotland, (or indeed anywhere else for that matter) Thermos flask in one hand, camera in the other. Other interests include old Lead and Copper mines , Canals and restored Steam Railways. All of these interests are well catered for in the north of England.

Bicycles (bits of) and cats (complete) are the home front, with a smattering (or should that be splattering?) of Wolfenstein, especially after a trip to the supermarket..

Nick on a Windcheetah Nick on his Flevobike, During a race at Cyclefest '98

My favourite reading matter are Flashman Books by George MacDonald Fraser and Naval Fiction by Patrick O'Brian etc.

Favourite bands include Stiff Little Fingers, The Adverts, The Undertones, Die Toten Hosen etc

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